Vala Sanat Erfan is an expert executor of the industrial projects. our services include: Commercial Engineering Services, Counsel, Design & Execution, Export & Import Services.

Belaz truck resistors

Production and supplying electric brake resistors for Belaz super heavy duty dump trucks of the Chadormalu company with 7512-2126080-10 technical number .

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polymer moulds

In different sizes 180, 225, 250, … in order to be used in various electromotors working at Chadormalu concentrate process line; and also manufacturing of drum filter...

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drum filter

Manufacturing warm neck moulds with dimensions 1.5*2.0 M, and manufacturing section segment polymer parts for Ardakan pellet production line.

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About vala sanat erfan

We believe that Iranian craftsmen are capable of performing industrial projects at any level. Up to now by creating multiple technical groups, using best industries in different fields and team working; we have succeeded to fulfill any submitted projects to this company with high quality. Aiming to this goal and considering multiple injustice sanctions imposed by various countries against our country; we have started to find a remedy for these problems. By the beginning of 2008, the company was officially registered at the Companies Registration Office of Tehran. Our technical ability and brilliant experiences of the managing group in multiple industrial fields; give us the independence and the edge to civilize production methods of consumable parts for the industries like mining, automobile and etc.


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Rotary Swaging Process

Incremental forming, Radial oscillation of dies, Relative rotational movement between dies and workpiece.

drum filter moulds

Manufacturing warm neck moulds with dimensions 1.5*2.0 M, and manufacturing section segment polymer parts for...

Hot/Cold CNC Rolling Machine

CNC Rolling Machine with exchangeable cold and hot rolling caskets and 0.001 mm accuracy.



Supplying various temperature sensors like RTD and PT100 in different lengths, Iron ore processing line, also supplying various Mitsubishi made switches, magnetic contactor and motor starter for Chadormalu P&H shovel machine.

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