Manufacturing polymer moulds and plastic fans production

In different sizes 180, 225, 250, … in order to be used in various electromotors working at Chadormalu concentrate process line; and also manufacturing of drum filter mould and polymer part, for Chadormalu concentrate line, manufacturing of mould and production of plastic spur gear for DGS at Chadormalu, horse cable production, manufacturing of multiple parts using CNC machining and simple machining.



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Production and supplying electric brake resistors for Belaz super heavy duty dump trucks of the Chadormalu company with 7512-2126080-10 technical number... ReadMore

Vala Sanat Erfan Eng. Co.

We believe that Iranian craftsmen are capable of performing industrial projects at any level. Up to now by creating multiple technical groups, using best industries in different fields and team working; we have succeeded to ... ReadMore


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